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3S SuperShaper (A)

S$ 87.00
Pain Relief for Neck and Shoulders: This product is a soft moisturising cream containing extract of ginger and sundew flower that encourages the drainage of water and fat. Water retention can be a result of pain and the 3S Super Shaper is able to help relieve stiff and tight muscles around the neck and shoulders.

Acne Clear Cream (A)

S$ 62.00
Acne Clear Cream is a multifunctional cream that rids the skin of bacteria and reduces inflammation. It prevents the spread of microbes and stimulates the immune system.

Acne Formula (A)

S$ 54.00
The Dui Acne Formula contains a myriad of natural extracts that encourages healing, reduces inflammation and soothes the skin. It can also be used for allergies, burnt sores, eczema and dandruff.

Berry Juice Cream Mask (A)

S$ 64.00
A nourishing, cleansing and moisturising mask for use on dehydrated, lack lustre and tired skin, including reddened and couperosed skin. Berry Juice Cream Mask is rich in herbs and minerals that soothes, cleanse and adds extra moisture to dehydrated, tired and couperosed skin.

Clay Mask (A)

S$ 115.00
This Clay Mask not only cleanses, hydrates and protects the skin and scalp, but also strengthens the hair follicles by improving blood circulation.

Cleansing Tonic (A)

S$ 39.00
Thermal spring water that soothes and hydrates skin.

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