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Step 1

Scalp Analysis

We start with a scalp analysis to determine your scalp condition and type of treatment you require.

Step 2

Treatment with GROWCryo or Octagon machines

Depending on your scalp condition, we will recommend and provide treatments with our advanced GrowCryo or Octagon machines for various scalp conditions. Treatments take between 20 minutes to 50 minutes and the experience is relaxing and comfortable.

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Step 3

Home Care with GROW Products

We follow up with products and supplements that are vital in your quest for a beautiful head of hair. Our supplements, shampoo, deep cleanser and tonic work to stop hair loss quickly and promote hair regrowth. We will make recommendations on what to use and how to use them.

Control 4X (A)

Control 4x is a deep cleanser designed to clean the scalp by removing dead cells and reducing blockages in the hair follicles so that hair regrowth can be optimised. Manufacturer: DC Pharma

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